Engine Cooling Fans, Fan Spacers & Fan Systems

Axial Fans
Axial fans feature a patented design that includes a steel center disk and composite blades that enable the fans to be both lightweight and durable. Using a flexible molding process for the blades, we can make fans customized to almost any engine application. Our capabilities and processes also enable the creation of high-quality, affordable tooling in-house.

22000 Series | 26000 Series  |  30000 Series 38000 Series  |  46000 Series | 58000 Series  |  70000 Series
Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal fans from Air Side Systems include a steel back plate with aluminum air-foil blades, enabling engine cooling in applications where space is at a premium or high pressure systems are required. Both components are manufactured separately before assembly, allowing the fans to have a wide variety of diameters, blade counts, and blade pitches.

Fan Systems

In affiliation with EH Baare and Vee Engineering, we assemble complete fan packages for our customers. Packages include an Air Side Systems fan driven by a hydraulic or electric motor, an EH Baare fan guard, and a Vee Engineering fan shroud. System packages can be shipped ready to install in a variety of engine applications. With a cooling system sourced from one supplier, the customer can ensure quality control and efficiency in the manufacturing and assembly process.

Fan Spacers

Fan spacers bridge the gap between the engine drive and the fan drive on heavy-duty engines. Our spacers are made from extruded aluminum and machined to fit almost any application. They can be manufactured to any length and customized to locate the fan in the best position in the shroud to optimize engine cooling.