Fans, Fan Systems,
Fan Spacers

Air Side Systems designs, tests, and produces engine cooling fans, fan spacers, and fan systems for construction, agricultural, and stationary equipment applications.


Both axial and centrifugal fans are engineered in-house to meet almost any cooling system requirement. In collaboration with Vee Engineering, fans and fan shrouds are designed together to optimize air flow and enhance overall cooling performance.

Fan systems include Air Side Systems fans, Vee Engineering fan shrouds, and EH Baare fan guards, assembled together with a hydraulic or electric motor and shipped as a complete package to the customer. To ensure optimum performance, Air Side Systems tests air flow in its fans and complete fan systems via custom CFD or on its in-house Flowmeter, simulating performance in real-world applications.

Air Side Systems fan spacers are made from extruded aluminum, are customizable to any length, and can fit almost any engine and fan combination

Patented Fan Design

Air Side Systems’ products feature their own patented fan design, making them lightweight and durable while being customizable to any engine application.